Saturday, November 14, 2009

Book Review - Illuminations of the Heart by Joyce DiPastena

Siriol de Calendri, recently widowed, has no where to go. Her brother has died, and without the protection of a husband, she fears that she may have to fend for herself. But the world is a frightening place for a beautiful young woman. Although she has the skill of creating beautiful illustrations for books, and feels she can support herself, she will be the target for any man who tries to interfere with her. Loving his sister and wanting what was best for her, her brother makes arrangements for her before his death. He sends her to live with his good friend, Triston de Brielle, of France.

Siriol is astonished when, at her first meeting with Sir Triston, he sweeps her up and gives her a passionate kiss. No, that's not just how the French do things (although they do have a kiss named after them, as I recall). She reminds Triston of his late wife to such an extent, for a moment he thinks she's come back to him. When his senses return and he realizes that he's just smooched a total stranger, he apologizes and then puts up emotional walls against her. However, as they come to know each other, he realizes that while she is not his dead wife, and indeed is different from her in so many ways, he feels attracted to Siriol and finds her refreshing.

Joyce DiPastena has a vast amount of knowledge about all things medieval and she paints pictures in the minds of her readers. You see the clothes, you imagine yourself walking along the stone corridors, and you can smell the feasts that are offered up in the kitchens. You feel as though you have truly stepped into her story. If you're looking for a really romantic, truly authentic medieval tale of love, treachery, and intrigue, well - what are you waiting for? Click here.