Thursday, December 10, 2009

Having Hope by Terri Ferran - reviewed by Tristi Pinkston

"Having Hope" is LDS author Terri Ferran's latest novel and is the sequel to "Finding Faith," which I reviewed here.

Kit Matthews has been waiting for her missionary for the last two years. During that time, she has grown in her own knowledge of the gospel and feels more comfortable with the whole Mormon culture that had her so baffled when she first moved to Utah. When Adam comes home, she hopes a proposal will come her way, but she's completely surprised to find her heart turning another direction - she is presented with the opportunity to go to Romania for a few months to help in the orphanages there. Herself an orphan who was adopted into a loving family, she feels the need to help these Romanian children in any way she can.

Of course, Adam will miss her while she's gone, but he understands this is something she needs to do. However, the distance between them physically soon puts distance between them emotionally as Kit receives e-mails from Adam's sister that a new girl has moved in on Adam's free time and seems to be pegging herself a spot in his family that used to be Kit's. As Kit falls more in love with the orphans she serves, she realizes there might be a place for her in Romania, and if a handsome medical student just happens to go along with the package, would that be so bad?

I appreciated this look into the Romanian orphanages and the trials these institutions face, with little operating money and so many children to care for. I was also pleased to see another installment in Kit's story. She's a character you think about long after the book has come to an end.

(This book was published in 2009 by Bonneville Books.)

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