Sunday, January 10, 2010

"All the Stars in Heaven" by Michele Paige Holmes, Reviewed by Tristi Pinkston

Michele Paige Holmes burst on to the LDS fiction scene like a meteor shower with the release of her first novel, “Counting Stars,” which won a Whitney Award at the 2008 gala. Now she dazzles us with another book that is equally as good. “All the Stars in Heaven” takes Jay, a character from the first novel, and shows us what happens to him afterward.

Jay’s had a rough life. The woman he loved chose to marry someone else, he’s grown up thinking that his mother’s death was his fault, and he spent quite a long time addicted to drugs. Now he’s clean and attending law school, determined to put his life together and become the man he wants to be.

Sarah was raised by a domineering father who controlled her every move. Now that she’s in college, he sends a bodyguard with her to classes and doesn’t allow her any freedom at all. Her only escape is through music. While playing the piano on campus one day, she meets Jay, who is drawn to her composition. She finds Jay intriguing and wants to learn more about him, but her bodyguard puts the kibosh on the relationship before it even has a chance to start.

Just what will Sarah’s father do to keep her safe, and why does he feel this paranoid need to protect her? Why is Jay so determined to rescue her from her past? These questions, and the answers to them, create a story that is riveting, unique, and powerful. I sense another Whitney …

(This book was published in 2009 by Covenant Communications.)

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  1. Great review and I bet you're right about another Whitney.