Tuesday, May 11, 2010

2010 LDStorymakers Conference Recap


Yes, I know the conference was 3 weeks ago, and it could be argued that the "Recap Momentum" has dwindled by this time. I could pretend that I waited on purpose to fire up the enthusiasm once again, but this is, if nothing, an honest blog. The truth is that it's taken me 3 weeks to figure out how to make a powerpoint into a decent video on YouTube. So let's have the appropriate Oooos and Ahhhhs for my newly acquired technical brilliance.

It's okay, I'll wait...

Thank you. Back to the recap.

The 2010 LDStorymakers Writers Conference dawned bright and early (extremely early for those doing bootcamp). The halls were filled with yawning attendees and staff, but the anticipation was still palpable. After bootcamp the conference proper started with food, laughs, a music video, and sufficient inspiration to kick off the next two fun-filled days.

I was stopped several times during the conference with people requesting that we make the Becoming Legendary presentation available. I aim to please, so for the first time on the internet, here is the 2010 LDStorymakers Becoming Legendary Presentation.

**Please note: 1) Due to sleep deprivation, the quote at the end is by Jennifer Laugran, not Laughlin (I'll fix it when I can) and 2) It is set to the song "Fly Away" by Jennifer Thomas, who was generous enough to let us use it. Please visit her site for more great music: www.jenniferthomasmusic.com.**

Things ran smoothly, and there was more than enough information, friends, and writerly atmosphere for all. The keynote address by Dave Wolverton/Farland had us all ready to dive back into our writing, and we had a great time learning from and associating with our visiting agents & editors. Just so you know, both agents were impressed with the conference and the friendly atmosphere. They were also impressed with the fresh ideas they heard and expressed a desire to be invited again in the future. (Yea!)

If you'd like to relive some moments of the conference, visit the 2010 Conference Highlights page for photos, links to videos, a list of First Chapter Contest Winners, and to find out the 2009 Whitney Awards winners. There is also a page devoted to links of blogs about the conference from our attendees (you might even be on the list). We also have dozens upon dozens of photos from our photographer, but we would love to have any that you took and want to share. (Instructions are on the page.)

All in all we had a fantabulous conference, and want to thank all those who attended! Dates for the 2011 conference will be posted at the beginning of June, and look for more information as time goes on.


  1. Thanks for going to all the trouble! And it's been several years since I went to a writer's conference.

  2. Thanks for sharing that very cool presentation from the conference. Sounds like a great time.

    As a question (and this may be over on the main storymakers site), is this event open to the public? I would love to try and attend in the future.

    Thanks again.

  3. I need help remembering the name of a book that my friend and I read. The only thing we can tell you about it is that a red headed girl who had a crush on a boy when she was young, ended up hating him because he didn't stand up for her when she was teased. She punched him and never apologized. Fast forward to the future, her mom has passed away, she helps her sister when she has her babies and finally she is able to have a career for herself. She finds out that the man she is working closely with is the same boy she had had a crush on all those years ago. Long story short, he ends up proposing to her using a banner draped across his house that she can see from the window of her house. Does this ring a bell for anyone?

  4. From the highlights you've mentioned, it seems the 2010 conference was a huge success! Great job and thanks for sharing. Tory

  5. I just found your blog from Tory (above). So glad, and I'll be back!

  6. Thank you for sharing that awesome presentation from the conference.
    I am an aspiring writer. Always wanted to write a book but been to scared. Now i'm finally doing it. It's been lots of fun going through the process. I would appreciate any tips you could give me.
    Again thank you for your posts! this is a great blog! I will be back. :-)

    Melissa Nielsen