Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Show Your Love

Ah February—the month of love. Why is it the month of love? Because if it wasn't the month of love, it would be the month of hate. We hate the snow, we hate the lingering holiday bills, and we hate the groundhog for seeing his shadow. So it's a good thing we have Valentine's day, reminding us that all you need is love.

Speaking of Love, the LDStorymakers is once again holding the Show Your Love contest throughout the month of February. The rules are simple, and the prizes are . . . well, let's just say you'll love them.
They are as follows:

On Friday, three lucky winners will receive a reserved seat at the 8th Annual LDStorymakers Writers Conference for Friday night dinner. Also seated at the table will be:

Literary Agent Sarah Crowe

Author Larry Brooks

Senior Editor Marcia Markland

Author James Dashner
 Becca Stumpf

And one lucky grand prize winner will receive a 
30 page manuscript review by Sara Megibow.

So how do you win these fabulous prizes? Like so:
  • Blog about the LDStorymakers Writers Conference and link to the conference site. This is worth 5 entries.
  • Blog about the Show Your Love contest and link back to this post. This is also worth 5 entries.
  • Become a fan of the LDStorymakers Conference Facebook page and invite 5 friends to become fans. This is worth 1 Entry (limit 5 entries).
  • Mention the conference and/or the contest on Twitter. Either post the link in your tweet, or use the hashtag #storymakers. This is worth 1 entry per day, up to 5 per week.
  • Post a conference attendee badge on your blog or website. This is worth 3 entries. The badge code is as follows:

    <a href="http://ldstorymakers.com/conference_2011.php"><img src="http://ldstorymakers.com/attendeebadge.jpg" alt="LDStorymakers" /></a>
Help spread the word. Tell us in the comments what you've done, and tally your points. We're using the honor system, which means you tell us, and then we double check to make sure you're being honorable.

You can earn points all through the month of February. The contest closes on February 28th, 2011. We'll announce the winner at the beginning of March. You must be a registered attendee of the 2011 LDStorymakers Writers Conference to win. Both Attendees are presenters are eligible. If you're not registered, what are you waiting for? You can do so here.


  1. I love this time of year! I will get busy.

  2. Christmas is jolly and all, but the months leading up to Storymakers are the ones that get my thumper going :-)

  3. Can't wait-I'll start spreading the word. :)

  4. I joined on Facebook and invited five friends!

  5. Blogged with conference link:

    Blogged with contest link:http://grahamchops.blogspot.com/2011/02/contest-chop-ldstorymakers-dinner-table.html

    (Two different blogs. Because I care.)

    Invited five people, including many of my new in-laws who are writers :-) (Facebook)

    I also put the attendee badge on both my blogs :-)

    Aaaaaand I'm tweeting the bejeebers out of it!

  6. I blogged about the contest here: http://readandwritestuff.blogspot.com/2011/02/hawaiian-vacation.html

    And I stuck the badge up, too. I'm in for 8 entries now. Yay!

  7. Graham is after it again! I blogged about the writers conference and this contest:



    AND I posted the badge on my blog. I'll be tweeting as we go!


  8. Blogged @ the site, the contest and posted badge: tanyahanamaikai.blogspot.com
    Badged: givemomacookie.blogspot.com
    I Facebooked,
    and I'll check in with my tweet points as I collect them :) Count 1 for today!

  9. Remember if you tweet, to use the #storymaker tag. Good luck!

  10. Oops I used #storymakerS--which is it?

  11. I have 15 points. THANKS for everything you all do to make this conference AWESOMESAUCE!

  12. I invited another 5 friends on FB (I'm confused whether we get 1 pt per 5 friends or 5pts max for 5 friends) and made 3 daily tweets this week :) Thx!!

  13. I blogged about the conference, the contest, invited five friends on facebook and became a fan, put up the badge, tweeted twice, for a total of 20 entries.

  14. Blogged about it on both my blogs (put badges on them too, and each one has 30 readers), invited 7 Facebook peeps (5 entries) and I've tweeted it 8 times.

    29 entries. I will never stop. :-)

  15. I blogged about the conference and the contest, and put the badge on it. I am also a fan of the Storymakers FB page. I think that makes 14 points. Good luck Graham. :)

  16. All right. I have 14 points. I blogged about the contest and the conference, I am already a fan of the Facebook page but I invited 5 others to join, and I put the badge on my blog. My blog is thewriteblocks.blogspot.com.

    Thanks :)

  17. What the heck, I did it too. I counted 15 points, but then again, I'm not good at math: I'm a writer!

  18. Great contest!!! I have to figure if I can go first before anything. I prolly won't be able to participate to be fair to others... Thanks for your big hearts!

    ♥.•*¨ Elizabeth ¨*•.♥

  19. This is an awesome contest!

    I blogged about it and blogged about the conference. I invited 10 people on facebook and posted the badge on my blog.

    I think that adds up to 15 points.

  20. Blog about the LDStorymakers Writers Conference and link to the conference site. This is worth 5 entries.

    Check 5

    Blog about the Show Your Love contest and link back to this post. This is also worth 5 entries.

    Check 5

    Become a fan of the LDStorymakers Conference Facebook page and invite 5 friends to become fans. This is worth 1 Entry (limit 5 entries).
    Check 5

    Mention the conference and/or the contest on Twitter. Either post the link in your tweet, or use the hashtag #storymakers. This is worth 1 entry per day, up to 5 per week.
    Check 2 so far and still counting

    Post a conference attendee badge on your blog or website. This is worth 3 entries.

    check 3

    So far I'm at 20 and counting

    Deirdra Coppel

  21. Blogged about the conference here:



    and here:

  22. Blogged about the conference here (over 4200 subscribers):


    Blogged about the Show your Love contest here:


    Became a FB Fan. Invited 2 other people to become fans.

    Placed your badge on the right-hand side of my website here:


    Total Entry Points: 16


  23. I tweeted @singlikabird. I blogged about the conference and the contest at sharibird.blogspot.com. I became a facebook fan and put the badge on my sidebar. I have a total of 20.

  24. I blogged about the conference and about the Show Your Love contesthere

    I'm a fan on Facebook and invited 6 friends on Facebook

    I tweeted about the conference @WendySwore

    I put the badge on my blog http://wendyswore.blotspot.com

    I count 19 entries and I’ll update later for more tweets.

  25. I tweeted both the contest and conf. here: http://twitter.com/#!/sissypooh2

    Facebooked both here:http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=501358758

    Added the badge here: www.christinebryant.blogspot.com

    And the post on my blog for both is scheduled to publish tomorrow here: www.christinebryant.blogspot.com

    I also fwd the email sent about the contest and conference to 17 friends/family.

    I'm a registered attendee, a follower on the FB page and this blog. Whew! I don't think all those things get points, but I added 30 for those that do.

  26. I passed along the pass along email to 6 of my very best pass along writer buddies.

    That's 6 entries, if I'm not mistaken. Pass it along.

  27. I passed along the pass along to one more of my writer pals, and I asked him to pass along the pass along to his best writer pals, so you can either add 1 entry to my total, or add all of his entries and his pal's entries to my total, which would incrementally add to my total. Your choice. :)

  28. Blogged about the contest. Blogged about LDS storymakers (wryteriam.blogspot.com) and became a fan on facebook.

  29. Forgot to mention I also posted a badge. So i guess that's 14 entries.

  30. Passed along the email to 5 people. I'll stop commenting now. 19

  31. Ok,
    --I passed along the email to 20 writing clients (not conference regulars),
    --invited 10 writing/editing types on facebook to join after I became a fan
    --posted the link on my website (bookeditingandmore.com)
    --posted the conference presenter badge on the site as well

    My husband has posted on twitter and whatnot. We're both spreading the love on behalf of his chance to win a seat/review. So here's hoping for Bruce Eschler. Yay Storymakers!

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. Blogged about the conference: 5 entries.

    Blogged about the contest: 5 entries.

    Posted attendee badge on my blog: 3 entries.

    Sent the pass-along email to 31 people (all writers): 15 entries. (Overachiever, I know, but I hope to see them all there.)

    TOTAL: 28 entries.

    Looking forward to it!

    Lana Jordan

  34. I blogged about the contest at my site lisaannturner.wordpress.com

    Posted a badge on the same site.

    I'm a fan.

    This is either 8 or 9 points. (I'm a fan but didn't invite anyone--how does that calculate?)

  35. Hello! I'd love to enter. Blogged about the conference a bit ago--mentioned it on facebook too--as i have every year. Fanned the conference page a while back already, and i'm emailing the pass along off to ten friends. Sweet.

  36. Emailed the Pass along email to 9 people and tweeted again today.
    So add 10 to my point total please.

    Thank you!
    I'm trying to think of who to send another 6 to--I'll check in later if I can think of anymore.

  37. I sent the pass-along email to 5 friends.

  38. I emailed the pass along email to 15 people and tweeted once again for a grand total of 36 entries. Crossing my fingers!

  39. I blogged about the contest on two different blogs.

    -and put badges on both.

    I tweeted 12 different days @dearestdreams
    and sent 15 emails
    I'm a fan on facebook and invited 5 friends.

    Total:45 (unless you give points for multiple badges and multiple blog posts)

    Thanks for the contest and good luck to all!


  40. I added a badge on my blog, sent out the pass-along email to three people, and became a fan on facebook and invited others to join for a total of 7 points.

    Thank you!!!

  41. I blogged about LDStorymakers conference (twice actually, but only once since the contest began). Here's the link: http://mariahoagland.blogspot.com/2011/02/so-you-want-to-be-writer-ldstorymakers.html
    I also added the button and facebooked about it. In all, I'm counting 18 points!!

    It's taking forever for May to get here so I can go!! I can't wait!

  42. Hi people! I may be a little behind the times, but I'm jumping into this pool. So, blogged (with links to both the website and blog) here:

    Already a fan of your FB page, and I can't remember how many people I shared it with, but I posted it on my wall again--cuz it wouldn't let me resuggest to my friends(no idea why). Still, I did it a long time ago, so. Yeah. Count it or not, whatever. =)

    Tweeted today, will also tweet tomorrow, and I have a badge on my blog. What is that? 13, and if you count the tweets (2) and FB (1) 16. Right? Okay. Good luck with spreading the word!

  43. This weekend I put another contest post on my blog = 5 pts
    Invited 15 more people to facebook page = 3 pts
    I maxed out the email entries for 15 points.
    With another tweet saturday my grand total is 46 points.

  44. I blogged about the conference. (beccawilhite.com)
    I put up a button. (also at beccawilhite.com)
    I sent 8 email pass-alongs.
    I love points! (I think that's 16)

  45. I blogged about the conf & the contest, got the button, FB friend, Tweeted. I have 15 entries. Thanks! http://rachellewrites.blogspot.com/

  46. Add 20 more points for Deirdra Eden Coppel for Tweeting and sending the pass along email to 15 peeps.

  47. I forgot to add that I emailed six friends about the conference. So, if it still counts, my total is up to 22 entries. Thanks!

  48. Great post! I wish you could follow up on this topic!