Saturday, July 23, 2011

Who Will Be the Next J.K. Rowling?

                                                                    by Trina Boice

I was out of town last weekend when Harry Potter opened in theaters, but I'm VERY excited to finally see the final installment of the wizardry masterpiece tonight! It's been a thrill to watch the characters and even the actors grow up right before our eyes. I'm a little hesitant, however. Will it live up to my expectations? Will I feel a satisfying closure or be left wanting? Have you seen it yet? What did you think? Who will be the next J.K Rowling of our day?

A dear friend of mine, whose first book will hit stores soon, shared his thoughts with me. His name is Steve Booth. He has the talent to be an inspiring author and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that everyone loves him as much as I do. He told me "It’s hard to over-estimate the impact of Harry Potter, both the book and the incredibly successful films. I personally believe that J.K. Rowling single-handedly redefined the meaning of the Young Adult Fiction universe. She was one of my initial inspirations in becoming an author, and several of her characters were the genesis for players in my book, Dark Talisman."

He felt the same anxious excitement about watching the final movie and said "It was, therefore, with a good deal of trepidation that I attended the final episode of the film series in my local IMAX theater last night. I was not disappointed. Although I felt the ending lacked a certain definity, I left the theater with a feeling of both closure and completeness. Frankly, I wish that the quality of production and depth of acting in this, the final installment in the series, had been more evident in previous offerings, but I found it a highly enjoyable excursion, nonetheless."

So, we are left with the obvious question – now what? What new adventures are on the horizon? Where is the next, Great New Author. I hope that someone will step into the fray, for I think, given the state of the world, that we all desperately need another Harry to walk with us through the difficult times ahead; to make us believe, if for only a short time, that magic could possibly exist in the world; that there is something wonderful around the next corner, or between the train platforms.


  1. I know what you mean! But we still have Breaking Dawn! Part one and two...;)

  2. Brilliant. You're so right about the world needing another Harry... the series fired up kids and parents alike. Just like your friend Steve, JK Rowling's work pushed me beyond my own fears and onto the path of publishing. It's an adventure, but with the promise of magic, who can resist? The movie was satisfying - not as incredibly gripping and meaty as the books, mind you, but Hollywood can only do so much (and the imagination has no budget limitations :D )

  3. I don't know who will be the next big thing, but it's an exciting time right now. The bar is set high, but I'm sure there's more room above it!

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse