Monday, February 13, 2012

Show Your Love for LDStorymakers!

Ah, love ... don't you just love love?  The month of February is the best month of all for celebrating love ... no, not because of Valentine's Day, silly! It's time for the Show Your Love contest in conjunction with the LDStorymakers Writers Conference!

We've held this contest for the last couple of years, and those who participated will tell you - it was fun and the prizes were well worth it.

So let's break this down a little bit.  What's at stake here?  What are we playing for?

Prizes: Three lucky people will win seats at a star-studded VIP table for Friday night's dinner.  That's right - Kevin J. Anderson, Molly O'Neill, Holly Root, Michelle Wolfson, and Kathleen Ortiz will be your dinner companions.  I recommend watching for parsley between your teeth. You're responsible for getting yourself to and into the conference, and we'll take care of the rest (except for the parsley) because we're good like that.

But that's not all - let me break it down for you.

First Place Prize:  Seat at the VIP table, a query critique, and two-page manuscript critique

Second Place Prize: Seat at the VIP table and a two-page manuscript critique

Third Place Prize: Seat at the VIP table

Fourth Place Prize: Query critique and 10-page manuscript critique

Fifth and Sixth Place Prizes: Query Critiques

*Our special thanks to Holly Root, Lisa Mangum, Michelle Wolfson, Kirk Shaw, Kathleen Ortiz, and Weronika Janczuk for donating our prizes!

So, what must you do to enter to win?


Blog about the LDStorymakers Writers Conference and link to the conference site. This is worth 5 entries.

Blog about the Show Your Love contest and link back to this post. This is also worth 5 entries.

Become a fan of the LDStorymakers Conference Facebook page and invite 5 friends to become fans. This is worth 1 Entry (limit 5 entries).

Mention the conference and/or the contest on Twitter. Either post the link in your tweet, or use the hashtag #storymakers12. This is worth 1 entry per day, up to 5 per week.
Post the conference attendee badge on your site or blog.  This is worth 3 entries. You can get the code for this on the sidebar, to your right.  Here's what the badge looks like:  

Leave us a comment in this blog's comment trail and tell us everything you've done.  You have from now until the stroke of midnight Utah time on February 29th to rack up as many points as you can. You must be a registered attendee of the conference to participate - and if you haven't registered yet, you can do it right here. Attendees and presenters are eligible. We will announce the winner at the beginning of March. If your e-mail isn't accessible through your Blogger profile, please leave it with one of your comments so we can contact you. Winning, and not knowing it, would be pretty rotten.

All right, minions! Get busy! Win the dinner of a lifetime - how many people can say they ate dinner with some top agents? Not many! Be one of them! Show your love, help us spread the word about the conference, and walk away cooler than you were when you walked in!


  1. Ha, I made it. I'm first. I have now blogged about share the love, done the links to the conference site and to here, and put the badge on it. I am now heading to twitter to tweet about it.

  2. I. Love. Storymakers.
    I blogged about it on my review blog and my writing blog plus added the conference buttons.

  3. I just blogged and tweeted! Fun contest! See you at the conference!

  4. I just Blogged about the Conference and linked to the conference site. I was already a fan/member of the LDStorymakers Conference Facebook page and I invited 6 friends to become fans and I posted the conference attendee badge on my blog. Too bad I don't tweet!

  5. Aside from attending the conference, do you need to have purchased a gala ticket too? Or does the prize include a banquet ticket as well as the special seat? Thanks! Sorry if this is a silly question!

  6. +5 I blogged about LDStorymakers!

    +5 I included the "Show Your Love" contest in the same post.

    +3 My blog is sporting the LDStorymakers badge (it's in the left sidebar, just follow the link above)

    13 points total! Love you guys!


  7. I blogged about the conference. you can see it here

    I also included a snippet about the contest in that same post. +5

    I posted the badge on my blog. +3

    Facebook fanned and invited 5 others. +1

  8. I blogged about the Conference and the Contest.

    I'm a fan of the Storymakers conference FB page & added 5 friends.

    Mentioned the conference & contest on Twitter and FB.

    The Conference Attendee badge is on my blog.

  9. Blogged about the conference and contest +10
    badge on blog +3

    christy at dorrity dot net

  10. I blogged about the Show your love contest here:

    and about the conference here:

    And posted about them on Twitter( @WendySwore )and facebook

    I also invited 5 people to like the storymakers facebook page.

  11. Oh! And I put the badge on my blog too. Thanks!

  12. I blogged about the conference for 5 entries.

    I blogged about the contest and linked back for 5 entries.

    I became a fan and invited 5 friends for 5 entries.

    I tweeted 3 time for 3 entries.

    I posted the conference attendee badge for 3 entries.

    Total: 21 Entries email:


  13. +5 I blogged about the conference and linked back.
    +5 I blogged about the contest and linked back.
    +3 I included the badge in the post.
    TOTAL: 13 entries.
    Email form on the following page:
    Thanks! Lana Jordan

  14. Wow! I wish I was going to this~ I've heard such great things about LDStorymakers! Good luck in the contest :)

    (and thanks for stopping by my blog so that I could find yours!)

  15. Hello LDStorymakers and big wave to Kathi Oram Peterson!

    Just popped over to say a big hello and straight into a most fabulous comp with such great prizes! GOOD LUCK to you lucky lucky people entering!! Enjoy! Take care

  16. I think I already mentioned I was a Fan on FB, and I've tweeted 3 times about this. That (plus what I mentioned earlier) brings my totaly entries up to 21 I think.

  17. Blogged about the conference.
    Blogged about the contest.
    Badge shining happily on my blog.
    Liked the page on facebook and invited two new members.

    I think that equals 17...?

    Thanks for the opportunity - so looking forward to this conference!

  18. I tweeted about the conference today & invited 5 more friends to the FB page. I hope you're keeping track of my points! =)

  19. Okay, I did the first 3 steps. blogged, blogged and fanned the Facebook page. I could not figure out how to put the badge on. The downside to being a novice blogger. still, points for me!Thanks! Lisa Swinton

  20. I just blogged about it ~ a nice long blog where I listed the classes available. 5 pts. Now on to the next step!

  21. Okay, I blogged about this contest at; I invited five people to join the facebook fanpage; I twittered using #storymakers; I posted on facebook; I posted on google+; and I added the badge to my blog ... whew!

  22. Finally, I'm in! Here's my blog post:

    In total, I've got 15 entries: 2 blog links (@5), one FB, one Twitter, and the button link on my sidebar (3). Thanks!

  23. Points for Storymakers
    Blogged about contest: 5
    Blogged about storymakers: 5
    Post badge: 3
    Facebook fanned and invited 25 others: 5
    Twitter: 13

    TOTAL: 31

    Well that's all the entries I can get. Hope I win. If so contact me at wryteriam at gmail dot com.

  24. This is last minute so I've got a whopping 3 points for having the badge on my blog. I did that before seeing this contest 'cause I love Storymakers!

  25. Tweeted 12 times on #storymaker12 hash tag. Twitter handle @christydorrity

  26. Just tweeted again today with the #storymakers12 hashtag. =)

  27. Hello!

    I added the badge to my blog at the beginning of the month when I first saw this contest=3
    I blogged about the conference and linked back=5
    I blogged about the contest and linked back=5
    I added 5 friends to the LDStorymakers Conference FB page=1

    Total= 14 Points!!! : )

  28. Tweeted about the conference again today, so I'm up to 22 points. Thanks again for the contest and we'll see you all at Storymakers! Woo!

  29. Blogged about the conference (5 points)
    Blogged about the contest (5 points)
    Added the badge to my blog (3 points)
    Added 5 friends to the conference Facebook page (5 points)
    Tweeted about it 8 times over 2 weeks (8 points)

    Total: 26 points

    I couldn't help but notice the comment above me said she had added 5 friends, but she only claimed 1 point. So krebes' total should be 18 points.

    I hope I win, this would be a memorable opportunity!