Friday, February 1, 2013

LDStorymakers 2013 Show Your Love Contest

What's more fun that two Presidents and a Groundhog? That's right! The annual LDStorymakers Conference Show Your Love contest!

We've held this contest for several years now, and those who participated will tell you - it was fun and the prizes were well worth it.

So let's break this down a little bit.  What's at stake here?  What are we playing for?

Prizes: Three lucky people will win seats at a star-studded VIP table for Friday night's dinner. Dust off your best manners, because you could be breaking bread with the special-est of our special conference guests. We'll post the full list once we've gotten confirmation from everyone, but trust me-it's going to be awesome!

But that's not all - let me break it down for you.

First Place Prize:  Seat at the VIP table, a query critique, and two-page manuscript critique

Second Place Prize: Seat at the VIP table and a two-page manuscript critique

Third Place Prize: Seat at the VIP table

Fourth Place Prize: Query critique and 10-page manuscript critique

Fifth and Sixth Place Prizes: Query Critiques

So, what must you do to enter to win?


Blog about the LDStorymakers Writers Conference and link to the conference site. And be sure to mention to your non-writing friends that we have Keynote Only admission seats available to hear international best-selling author Anne Perry. This is worth 5 entries.

Blog about the Show Your Love contest and link back to this post. This is also worth 5 entries.

Become a fan of the LDStorymakers Conference Facebook page and invite 5 friends to become fans. This is worth 1 Entry (limit 5 entries).

Mention the conference, the contest, and Anne Perry's keynote on Twitter. Either post the link in your tweet, or use the hashtag #storymaker13. This is worth 1 entry per day, up to 5 per week. (NOTE: The correct hashtag is #storymaker13 - without the trailing 's' to give you use of that one extra character!)
Post the conference attendee badge on your site or blog.  This is worth 3 entries. You can get the code for this on the sidebar, to your right.  Here's what the badge looks like:  

Leave us a comment in this blog's comment trail and tell us everything you've done.  You have from now until the stroke of midnight Utah time on February 28th to rack up as many points as you can. You must be a registered attendee of the conference to participate - and if you haven't registered yet, you can do it right here. Attendees and presenters are eligible. We will announce the winner at the beginning of March. If your e-mail isn't accessible through your Blogger profile, please leave it with one of your comments so we can contact you. Winning, and not knowing it, would be pretty rotten.

All right, people! Get busy! Win the dinner of a lifetime! Show your love, help us spread the word about the conference and Anne Perry's Keynote!


  1. I'd love to sit at the VIP table! Here's what I've done:

    Blogged abt conference & Anne Perry Tix (5)
    Blogged abt contest (5)

    Tweeted using hashtag (1)

    Added badge to blog (3)

    Total: 19 entries! Whoo hoo!

  2. Hey guys. Am I seriously the second commenter? I wrote a blog post and linked to the conference AND the contest. (100 entries, right?) (Okay, maybe 10.)

    I tweeted about the contest and conference, and even grabbed the badge for my website. I think that counts up to something like 14 entries.

    Excited to be at the conference this year.

  3. Okay, so far I've blogged about the conference and included a link and the badge in the post. I lose track of how many points that is and I'm not done yet ...

  4. I've blogged about the conference and the Show Your Love contest here:
    and tweeted the contest on my Twitter @krissy1kenobi
    I also added the badge to my website at
    So 14 for me so far!

  5. I tweeted again about the keynote speaker! Another point. Oh and my email is think I logged in with the wrong thing above.

  6. I blogged about the Conference, Key Note Speaker, invited people to the Keynote Address, blogged about the contest, added the badge to my blog, joined the Facebook page. That's 18 points! YAY, me!

    1. Meant to add, my email, broken up, is
      tobel dot knight at gmail dot com.

  7. I blogged about the Conference and contest:

    I am a fan of the Conference page and invited five people to become fans.

    I tweeted about the contest.

    I put the conference badge on my blog.

    My email is thecanticlekingdom(at)gmail(dot)com.

  8. Thank you for doing this! I love spreading the word about LDStorymakers...

    -- Four tweets @heidisblog = 4

    -- Blog post on Conference ( = 5

    -- Blog post on Contest ( = 5

    -- Part of FB group, but can't figure out how to invite people to it? Do I just add them as members? = ?

    -- Posted badge on my blog = 3

    Total = at least 17

    I have a couple questions... I couldn't see how to invite friends to like the FB page. There was no like button since it's a group page instead of a fan page (does that make any sense?).

    Also, I posted on FB about the contest, but didn't see it included in the options for publicity above. Should we include that?

    Thank you!!

    1. Update:

      -- Invited two people to the FB page = 2

      -- 2 more tweets = 2

      New total = 21

      My email: heidi(at)biglaughs(dot)org

  9. My blog post will go live on February 22nd where I mention:
    registering for Storymakers
    Anne Perry
    the contest
    I already like the FB page
    I now have the badge
    And I've linked to everything!
    Thanks for the fun contest again this year!

  10. Total 13 points --- see my blog here:


    My email is ruthanne (dot) frost (gmail)

  11. My tally: 15

    Here's the link to my Twitter account:

    Here's the link to my blog post:

    Thanks for the opportunity! I'm stoked for Storymakers!

  12. Total:16

    2 tweets Twitter
    1 blog post about both conference and contest:
    1 badge
    Follow on Facebook


  13. I'm baa-ack. Total: 14

    Blogged about the conference (5), blogged about the contest (5), put the Storymaker doohicky on my blog (3) and tweeted (1). I also did three pushups, does that count for anything?

    Oh, here's my blog site:

  14. Let's see... I've Tweeted,(1) blogged about the conference (5) and the contest (5), invited (like 20 people), (if 1 point per person but a limit of 5... then (5?) I like the conference page, I have the beautiful widget/gadget on my blog's sidebar (3) , and I've done a hundred thousand pushups!!! (take that, Berin!)

    Oh, I also Tweeted about my blogpost--leaving a link and also another hashtag for #LDStorymaker13, as well as announced my post on my Facebook page--leaving a link as well. Extra credit? (I can't do anymore sit-ups.)

    My email is debraerfert at yahoo dot com so you can let me know when I win. (Yes, I am that confident!)

  15. Oh, my Twitter account is


  16. Blogged about conference and Ann Perry -- 5
    Blogged about conference -- 5

    Twitter -- 11

    Badge -- 3

    Total -- 24


  17. Okay I posted one more blog about this contest on my website

    Total of 20 points for me, previously under (wordsofkrisdom) hopefully enough for the query critique because that is what I need!! Thanks, looking forward to the conference.


  18. Suddenly wondering whether the prizes are chosen by random drawing or by number of points. Hmmm... Oh well. Either way, here's what I've got:

    Blog post here (containing both topics mentioned):

    Added badge to blog

    Joined Facebook group

    Grand total: 14

  19. Ok, here goes: 14 points total. Blogged about the contest and linked to it, told everyone about Anne Perry, mentioned the amazing Storymakers conference, posted the badge on my blog, and 'liked' the Storymakers FB page. Disclaimer: I blogged about the contest, conference, and Anne Perry in separate posts.

  20. I blogged about storymakers and mentioned Ann Perry.
    (5 points)

    I added the storymakers button to my blog. (3 points)

    I blogged about the Share the Love contest (5 points)

    I tweeted with the link to the contest on 2/27 @WendySwore (1 point)
    I tweeted about the conference, Anne Perry, & the conference on 2/28 using #storymaker13 (1 point)

    I liked the facebook page and invited friends to join the group via email. (5 points)

    Total: 20 entries.

    I’m totally excited about the conference! Good luck everyone!
    mrs (dot) farmgirl (at)