Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Storymakers Midwest Writers Conference Keynote Speaker - Adam Glendon Sidwell

It's time to light the fireworks and bring on the chants of "Woot! Woot!" The Storymakers Midwest Writers Conference registration opens June 2nd at 9 am (CT). This week, we will spotlight our special guests, presenters and some fabulous opportunities for our attendees. Intrigued? You should be!  =)

Today, let's say hello to our amazing dinner keynote . . .

 Adam Glendon Sidwell.

Adam is the author of the amazing children's adventure books, The Evertaster series, as well as his new release, Fetch! Not only do kids think Adam is hilarious, but there's a rumor going around that adults think he's pretty cool, too.

Of course, that could be because he has amazing Patrick Dempsey worthy hair. Or it could be because he designs wicked monsters, zombies and robots in his day job. Say what? Oh yeah, baby. Raise your hand if you're a Pirates of the Caribbean fan. (Hello, Johnny Depp!) Oh wait, Adam didn't have anything to do with Johnny, but all those freaky creatures? Thank you, Adam. His work is also featured in fabulous films such as Tron, Transformers, King Kong, Pacific Rim, and Ender's Game.

Funny children's writer + mad freaky movie creature skills = 
really awesome keynote dude.

And hey, he's teaching classes too!

Growing Up Dangerously (Middle Grade class)

Putting the Movie in Your Head on Paper: Writing Cinematically for Your Novel

You can cyber stalk Adam on his website, Facebook or Twitter

Let's give a big shout out to Adam in the comments section! And mark your calendars to be in Kansas City on Saturday, Sept. 20th!

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